Activities in Putre Activities in Putre

Putre is the capital of the province Parinacota in the region XV of Arica and Parinacota. From this village, which is a great example of the high-andean cultures, you can realize a great number of tours and excursions. Get to know the beauty of the highlands and discover impressive landscapes and places where is seems that he time stands still. Furthermore, Putre is a wonderful place to take a rest and get used to the altitude, to be able to enjoy fascinating tours without any problems.

One of the main attractions in the surroundings of Putre is the National Park Lauca with a surface of 137.883 hectare. This park is a worldwide accepted biosphere that reaches from the mountainline of the Andes to the highlands in the northeastern region of Arica and Parinacota. Without doubt, it is an incomparable natural paradise.

From the village of Putre you can realize many other tours as well, for example can you visit the wall paintings of Vilacaurani. Here you will get to know the fascinating heritage of ancient pre-hispanic cultures which is up to 8000 years old.

Also you have the possibility to do mountaineering in the majestic Andes and get to know the precious landscapes and sceneries that surround this impressive mountain range.

Interesting places:

The Lake Chungara with its 4.500 meters of altitude is one of the highest lakes in the world. Its magical beauty and the reflection of the volcano Parinacota in its waters captivate thousands of tourists every year.

Realize a little hike in the sector of the caves. On this fascinating route though the paradisiac nature of the highlands, 4.300 m over sea level, you can observe Vizcachas that come out at dusk and dawn.

Visit the captivating Lagoon Cotacotani. This lagoon contains a big number of lava islands which are evidence for the high volcanic activity in the area.

The picturesque village of Parinacota was declared National Monument. Here you can get to know the ancient traditional architecture of the highland: The old houses and the church are just simple constructions made out of adobe, but they have a high historical value, for they contain the remains of the time of the colonies and symbolize the religious beliefs of the Aymara-culture.

Enjoy a bath in the thermal springs of Jurasi, which are located at the flanks of a small canyon and are well known for the medical purposes, for example they help in case of rheumatism.

The Salt Lake of Surire, also declared national monument, is characterized by its white surface that contrasts with the beautiful pure blue sky of the highland.