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    The Hotel La Chakana offers excursions in the mountains or unique hiking routes accompanied by local guides from Putre.

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    In the middle of beautiful terraces, where the sun shines in the morning and the wind blows quietly on the trails…

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How to get here How to get here

The Hotel La Chakana is located in the Chilean Highland in Putre, in a real oasis of peace and quietness. It is surrounded by an impressive nature for the region which counts of an unique ecosystem in the world, that is why the hotel results to be the perfect place for those who want to appreciate the nature and live an unforgettable experience.

There are different ways to get to Putre, depending from where you arrive. In the following the Hotel La Chakana indicates the different options to get to the village, where you can appreaciate the beautiful landscapes that surround the La Chakana.

From Arica to Putre

By Car

You take the international route 11 from the Pacific in direction to Bolivia. The distance between Arica and Putre is about 127km. It is very important to take enough gasoline, for in the highland there are no gas stations to fill up. There is the possibility to buy canisters of gasoline in some places like Zapahuira and Putre, but it is easier to take all the combustible needed fot the whole route. Please remember that in the altitude more gasoline than usual is needed.

By Bus

Another option to get to our hotel is the bus company "La Paloma" that realizes daily transfers from Arica to the village of Putre at 07:00am. The bus leaves from the "Market Tucapel", located in the street GermánRiesco #2071 in the city of Arica. Also the way back from Putre to Arica can be realized with "La Paloma", they leave every day at 02:00pm.

From La Paz (Bolivia) to Putre

There is a daily bus connection between La Paz and Arica (between 07:00am and 02:00pm). About one hour after passing the border station Chungara you get to Putre, where you have to get out at the Alto de Putre. From there a curvy street of 2,7km leads to the village. Unfortunately there are no taxis that offer a transfer between the Alto de Putre and the village itself. If you would like to be transferred, please make a reservation via email or telephone with sufficient anticipation.

Orientation in Putre

Walk downwards from the market place, passing the church and the restaurant "Rosamel" until you get to the military basis and the end of the street. Turn right and after 50m turn left again. This way will lead you directly to the hotel La Chakana. Afar you can see some white houses surrounded by mountains and beautiful wetlands. From the main place of Putre to the hotel it is about 750m.